Defending Chatbots from Black-Box Persona Inference Attacks


Language model based chatbots tend to reveal personas of speakers and propose effective defense objectives to prevent GPT-2 from black-box persona inference attacks.

  • Defending Chatbots from Black-Box Persona Inference Attacks
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

Social chatbots, also known as chit-chat chatbots, evolve rapidly with large pretrained language models. Despite the huge progress, privacy concerns have arisen recently: training data of large language models can be extracted via model inversion attacks. The invention proposed strategies can greatly reduce persona inference accuracy from 37.6% to 0.5% while maintaining language models’ powerful generation ability.

  • Proposed persona inference attacks to extract private attributes from speakers'’ hidden states of chatbots.
  • Combine two losses (KL and MI loss) to protect chatbots from revealing speakers’ private personas.
Key impact
  • Identify the threats of revealing personal information from chatbots.
  • Propose effective defenses on the attribute inference attacks of chatbots.
  • Achieve privacy-protection while doing no harm to the utility of chatbots.
  • Chatbots on edge devices (smart phones)
  • Personal assistants
  • Customer service chatbots
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