DeINS1 Live Attenuated Influenza Viral Vector Vaccines Technology System


CVVT and its start-up company, Hong Kong Universal Biological (HKUBio) have developed the Viral Vector Vaccines Technology system, which is a flu-based viral vector vaccine platform which can be used for the development of vaccines for Flu, COVID-19 other respiratory viral diseases.

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Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

There are more than 90% of pathogens cause infection via mucosal sites. But traditional intramuscular vaccines can not provide sufficient protection at mucosal sites, especially respiratory tract. Our technology provides safe and first line protection against pathogen invasion and reduces transmission between humans.

  • Our technology is based on live attenuated influenza virus (DelNS1 LAIV) with the deletion of the key virulent element and immune antagonist, NS1, from the viral genome. DelNS1 live attenuated viral vaccines are more immunogenic in inducing broad spectrum and long-lasting immunity than wild type influenza virus
  • Our technology can be used to express a specific antigen to induce immunity targeting the critical element of other viruses such as the Receptor Binding Domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2, and to deliver genes to respiratory tract tissues.
Key impact
  • CVVT and its startup company, Hong Kong Universal Biological (HKUBio), have collaborated with Xiamen University and Beijing Wantai Biopharm to leverage their expertise and unique technology platform to facilitate the approval of the world's first intranasal COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in mainland China.
  • Using the flu-based viral vector technology platform, we are collaborating with industry partners to develop intranasal vaccines for preventing seasonal influenza and other respiratory viral diseases.
  • "Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury" the Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days
  • COVID-19 vaccine
  • Seasonal Flu vaccine
  • Flu-COVID bivalent vaccine
  • Gene delivery system for respiratory disease, including lung cancer

Outbreaks of infectious diseases pose a grave risk and burden formedical services and public health systems, both in the human cost of suffering and socioeconomic disruption.

Implementing proactive and effective surveillance and control measures for such outbreaks requires a comprehensive knowledge of the viruses circulating in both animals and humans.

Centre for Virology, Vaccinology and Therapeutics (CVVT) has been established to develop that critical base of knowledge and transform impactful research discoveries into practical applications to control and even prevent infectious diseases. Apart from the comprehensive knowledge of the viruses, CVVT aims to develop a novel vaccine platform for respiratory viruses, broad spectrum antivirals for prophylactic and therapeutic treatment, and highly-multiplex diagnostic tests for rapid detection.