MindPalace-360 is an instant 3D reconstruction invention that can generate building scans with real-time feedback quickly, accuirately, and cheaply. Built using real-time 3D mapping algorithm combined with advanced robotics technology, MindPalace-360 is expected to drive huge changes in the real estate sector

  • MindPalace-360
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
selling devices, and cloud service
Problem addressed

MindPalace-360 addresses the inefficiencies in traditional building scanning methods in the real estate sector. Conventional techniques are often slow, expensive, and lack real-time feedback. By offering instant 3D reconstruction with real-time feedback, MindPalace-360 provides a quicker, more accurate, and cost-effective solution for generating building scans, revolutionizing the way real estate professionals capture and analyze spatial data.

  • Multi-sensor Depth Fusion Technology: Leveraging the strengths of multiple sensors to complement each other, simultaneously reducing the reliance on computing power while increasing accuracy.
  • Real-time True-color Preview: Blending real-world scenes with point cloud data and utilizing distributed computing to enhance algorithm efficiency, achieving real-time and realistic preview results.
  • Cloud-based Collaborative Workflow: Accelerated by NVIDIA's ecosystem in the cloud, this enables optimized collaborative workflows and improved work efficiency.
Key impact
  • Government departments now have a rapid digital equipment management solution for old buildings.
  • In the field of interior design, there's now an affordable and reliable three-dimensional data foundation, enabling a more convenient design process.
  • BIM companies have shortened the duration of as-built BIM projects from months to days.
  • Hilti world Slam Challenge 2022, 1st place
  • Hilti world Slam Challenge 2021, 1st place
  • 2021-2022 TSSSU awardee
  • 2022-2023 TSSSU+ awardee
  • Surveying
  • as-build BIM checking
  • civil project progress monitoring
  • real-time metaverse scene generation
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