Smart Bin-picking System


HKCLR developed the Smart Bin-picking System to replace human in doing mannual bin-picking works with high efficiency and low cost.

  • Smart Bin-picking System
Technical name of innovation
HKCLR Smart Bin-picking System
Research completion
Problem addressed

There is a strong need for pin picking in logistics and industrial sceniarios, which involves heavy manual work currently. The HKCLR Smart Bin-picking System can perfectly replace human in such tasks and has the advantage of being intelligent, highly-efficient and reliable.

  • Taking e-commerce bin picking as an example, HKCLR Bin-picking System supports mainstream e-commerce picking scenarios, and can be applied to various kinds of bins and work on wide variety of SKUs.
  • The AI-based SKU identification and positioning technology enbles the robot to efficiently pick and place the same kind of SKUs which are placed in a neat manner, the same kind of SKUs which are placed in a messy manner and the different kind of SKUs which are placed in a messy manner.
Key impact
  • This Bin-picking system has the human-level intelligence and can replace humans in the highly-repetitive, high-load and low technical manual tasks such as bin-picking.
  • Improve the landing efficiency of the robots and AI in the bin picking scenarios.
  • HKCLR Automated Sorting System

The Hong Kong Centre for Logistics Robotics was established in 2020 by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with research contributions from the University of California, Berkeley. The Centre focuses on the research and development (R&D) of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for “future workplace” as well as innovative solutions to the “pressing problems” in the logistics industry. In particular, HKCLR aims to advance robot intelligence in terms of

• Robust Sensing and Perception

• Human-Robot Collaboration

• Smart Manipulation Robots

• Unmanned Logistics Vehicles

The research team is composed of distinguished professors from the two universities and accomplished Ph.D. degree holders across world-leading universities. The Centre is dedicated to pursuing innovative breakthroughs in ready-for-use robotics and AI technologies via close collaboration with academic and industrial stakeholders throughout Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area (GBA), and Mainland China. It is expected that the Centre will foster the leading role of the local logistics industry in GBA and Mainland China, meanwhile enhancing its competitive edge in the global arena.