Smart Reagent Tracking Tray (X-Tray) for R&D Labs Digital Management


X-Tray is an expandable tray structure based on the combination of RFID and multiple sensors integration. It automates inventory tracking inside the R&D labs, which efficiently enhances the automated management of chemical / material / biological laboratory's research process and research efficiency in a timely, friendly, and seamlessly manner with IoT and CS technology.

  • Smart Reagent Tracking Tray (X-Tray) for R&D Labs Digital Management
Commercialisation opportunities
Technology licensing agreement / Industry collaboration
Problem addressed

Real time tracking of chemicals' information, corresponding historical weight changes, and related user information via RFID, Sensor Integration and Data processing technologies.

  • Utilize expandable and modular IoT Device, combine hardware and software service, actively comply with the need and provide a real solution to labortory management
Key impact
  • Enable 1 to 1/N detection with < 1% weight errors.
  • Expandable and Customized Features
  • Time Saving for experiments ( 75% time saving for required chemical searching base on user feedback)
  • Chemical safety management – real-time inventory check
  • Logistic industry – tracking of the goods/items delivery
  • Aging city – elderly home diet management
  • Smart canteen – Intelligent tray for food/waste evaluation
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