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The Centre for Translational Stem Cell Biology (CTSCB) gives Hong Kong a foot in the door in one of the most exciting areas of scientific and medical research. A team of world-leading scientists and clinicians, many of whom are authoritative voices in their respective fields, will work together to elevate stem cell technology to a new height. Leveraging on a world-leading patented technology in establishing Expanded Potential Stem Cells (EPSCs) from multiple mammalian species, including mouse, pig and human, the CTSCB team will devote their efforts to translating discoveries into regenerative medicine, organ transplantation and genomic medicine for the benefit of people around the world. The Centre will develop the next-generation stem cell technology for producing mature and functional cells for regenerative medicine. The use of patented technology enables in-depth study of human diseases such as autoimmune disease, liver and cardiovascular illnesses, and leads to faster development in cell-based therapy, organ transplantation and drug discovery.