ARVR Compatible 4K2K HMD


World first true 4K2K ARVR HMD technology opened a new window to view the world.

  • ARVR Compatible 4K2K HMD
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing; Technology co-development
Problem addressed
  • Under the era of information explosion, people need to process more and more data every day. 
  • Smart mobile device such as smart phone is unable to provide first perspective information.
  • Existing head mount display suffers from low resolution, low field of view and low brightness. User is unable to effectively obtain adequate information or unable to have true immersive experience.

ASTRI designed world first true 4K2K ARVR compatible HMD enables high resolution, high brightness, large field of view, true 3D experience to the user.

  • High Resolution: 3840x2160 ( single eye)
  • Large field of view: 70 (D)
  • Low distortion: <3.5%
  • Compact size: 150x30x73mm
  • Cost effective
  • High color uniformity
Key impact
  • Hight brightness enable outdoor usage.
  • ARVR compatible feature fit for various application condition.
  • Large FOV, true 3D and high resolution enable deep immersive experience for education and training.
  • Education
  • Smart Industry
  • Logistic
  • Smart Construction


  • US App. No. 17/395,858 and CN App No. 202180002794.3
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