Corneal topographer, OK lens and fitting software for OK lens.


PolyU start-up GOOD Vision Technologies Co., Limited has developed a combination of products to improve efficiency in corneal reshaping technologies. It offers a one-stop solution for eye practitioners with a patented anterior eye shape analyzer (corneal topographer), a highly personalized Orthokeratology (OK) lens, and a lens fitting software with continuous product and intelligent algorithm.

  • Corneal topographer, OK lens and fitting software for OK lens.  0
  • Corneal topographer, OK lens and fitting software for OK lens.  1
  • Corneal topographer, OK lens and fitting software for OK lens.  2
Technical name of innovation
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing, Product distribution
Problem addressed

An efficient lens fitting method with sophisticated lens designs for OK is lacking in the field. Current lens designs could not fully correct relatively high astigmatism. The long chair time spent for lens fitting significantly reduces the efficiency in everyday clinical practice, and the accuracy of lens prescription varies depending on eye care practitioner's experiences.

  • Our novel corneal topographer relies on the combination of a high-resolution CCD camera,32 Placido rings, and specially designed software in a compact body. The analysis of corneal shape is assisted by a high-quality data bank collected from the Asian Chinese population, providing specific technical guidance for even a junior practitioner.
  • A personalized, novel lens design aiming to fit wider range of myopic wearers with even an atypical corneal shape and high astigmatism will be introduced. It will be the first OK lens with a toric base curve in China and Hong Kong, aiming to correct the wearer’s astigmatism.
  • An intelligent lens fitting software that can automatically adapt and generate optical parameters to produce personalized OK lens.
Key impact
  • Corneal topographer- Compared to existing corneal topographers in the market, our novel corneal topographer is more flexibile, much smaller in size, uses chinese population as biomarker and significantly lower in price.
  • Our novel OK lens has rectified existing flaws in OK lens design. It offers a personalized lens design for lens centration and astigmatic correction in ultra high oxygen permeability material. It allows for better lens fitting, maximizing comfort and user experiences.
  • The current market heavily relies on trial lenses and tedious lens ordering procedures. This process heavily relies on the subjective determination of eye practitioners. Our fitting software is equipped with big data and a self-learning algorithm. It improves adaptability in the market and allows for personalised OK lens.
  • The 11th China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Hong Kong and Macao University Qualifiers and the First Shenzhen Virtual University Park Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Final Team Group Third Prize.
  • The Third Venture Capital Mangrove Award < the top 20 projects with the most investment potential of the year>
  • Our primary target is myopic population; thus, we anticipate tremendous interests from eye hospitals, ophthalmic chain stores, and eyecare practitioners.

Project Members

  • Dr. Peter Chan


  • Corneal topographer: 202010398470.3
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