1Measure is an image-based artificial intelligence application. Ordinary users can get a real-time three-dimensional body model and accurate body size through two photos of the front and the side. At present, based on these sizes and models, the application has been applied in many fields such as online clothing customization, online size recommendation and virtual fitting.

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Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing, Collaboration for technology development in various application segments, Product distribution
Problem addressed

With the popularity of online shopping, more and more users choose to buy clothes online. However, because of the different brands, users have encountered a lot of doubts in choosing the size. Therefore, the return rate of clothing will remain high. At the same time, for clothing customization, online applications are temporarily unsatisfactory.

  • Provide a convenient, accurate and fast human body 3D modeling solution. Users can obtain an accurate three-dimensional human body model of an individual by taking a photo within 5 seconds through a mobile phone.
  • The solution provides various SDKs for iOS, Android and web.
Key impact
  • Fast - It only takes 5 seconds to build an accurate human body model with easy scale.
  • Accurate - The size of the human body is 98% accurate.
  • Convenience - Anyone can use it from their phone.
  • 1st Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong - Silver Award
  • First Prize of Shenzhen International Students Entrepreneurship Subsidy
  • Online clothing size recommendations
  • Online bespoke
  • Virtual fitting
  • Metaverse
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