Liverscan focuses on human liver fibrosis diagnosis and staging. It applies non-invasive medical ultrasound imaging technology and transient elastography (TE) technique to directly quantify the stiffness of liver and confirm stage of fibrosis. Liverscan has also streamlined the product size and device connectivity which supports more cost effective and simpler medical examination for liver fibrosis cases.

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Technical name of innovation
Liverscan: Palm-sized Real-time B-mode Ultrasound Imaging Guided System for Liver Fibrosis Assessment
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
Collaboration for product development, technology development in various application segments; Product distribution
Problem addressed

Currently, liver biopsy is a gold standard for liver fibrosis diagnosis, but it is invasive and may cause bleeding and serious complications. Therefore, Liverscan is developed to perform fibrosis evaluation through non-invasive measurement of liver stiffness and to provide a safer, more effective and comprehensive diagnostic solution for liver fibrosis assessment.

  • Liverscan can raise the successful rate of obtaining a valid measurement to 100% by providing real time B-mode ultrasound imaging guided measurement. This feature could facilitate the correct placement and location of the scan probe to cover the target tissue
  • Product size and connectivity have been streamlined to hand-held and wireless communication which is suitable for more clinical settings to maximise their economical and geographical capacity in providing more examination services
Key impact
  • Non-invasive real-time liver stiffness measurement
  • Real-time ultrasound image guiding: enhances measurement accuracy, and allows accurate location of the measurement zone
  • Wireless palm-sized device
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days - Virtual Event-Silver medal
  • Diagnostic evaluation of fibrosis
  • Measurement of the stiffness of the liver
  • Diagnostic assessment of other liver problems, such as fatty liver
  • Possible early diagnosis of liver fibrosis and treatment monitoring to prevent progression


  • Exclusively licensed from PolyU US8147410B2 (US) Method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging and elasticity measurement
  • Exclusively licensed from PolyU 200910139336.5 (China) Method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging and elasticity measurement
  • CN 111772677 A (China) Method, System and Data Storage Medium For Biological Tissue Elasticity Measurement in Multi-dimension
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