Human-Machine Interaction Device


The City University of Hong Kong has developed an epidermal wireless human-machine interaction interface with haptic feedback. Wearing this lightweight, flexible e-skin system enables remote human-machine interaction and robot control, which can be used for nursing robots, surgical robots and new crown sampling robots.

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Technical name of innovation
Epidermal wireless human machine interface
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Problem addressed

The current lack of haptic feedback in the field of human-robot interaction is addressed. This epidermal flexible system enables wireless robot control through the strain sensing of joint flexion and finger grasping, and also integrates a haptic feedback device to re-feed the robot's sense of touch to the operator.

  • Time-delay-free, wireless remote control of robots is realized with just a soft skin patch.
  • The touch sense felt by the robot are fed back to the human-machine interaction operator in real time.
  • The operator makes real-time adjustments based on haptic feedback, greatly improving the precision and realism of the controls.
Key impact
  • The entire flexible unit is thin, light,easy to wear, fully functional and low-cost.
  • As a nursing robot with haptic feedback, it allows for more realistic remote care.
  • As a surgical robot with haptic feedback, it improves the precision of surgery and reduces the dependence on a highly qualified surgeon.
  • As a COVID-19 sampling robot with haptic feedback, it improves the comfort of pharyngeal and nasal swabbing and avoids infections for the sampling staff.
  • Gold Medal at Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days 2022
  • Nursing robot
  • Surgical robot
  • COVID-19 sampling robot


  • Patent filing number:17/543,973
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