Cooling Technology for Epidermal Electronics


Ultrathin, soft, flexible surface-conforming material that integrates with and passively cools (by >56°C) skin-interfaced bioelectronics, allowing comfortable long-term wireless healthcare monitoring.

  • Cooling Technology for Epidermal Electronics
Technical name of innovation
Soft, passive cooling technology for thermal management of wearable electrioncs
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Problem addressed

Thermal management plays a significant role in electronics. Long-duration operation of electronic devices at high temperatures could lead to the deterioration of their electrical performance, shortened lifetime, and even the risk of skin burning. Therefore, the investigation of novel heat dissipation in skin electronics becomes urgent to further improving their performance and integration capacity as well as opening up new applications.

  • Ultra-thin, soft, radiative-cooling interface allows to cool down the temperature in skin electronics through both radiative and non-radiative heat transfer, achieving temperature reduction greater than 56 °C.
  • The USRI is a micrometer-thick polymeric coating layer that exhibits near-unit infrared emittance and high solar reflectance as well as robust mechanical flexibility.
  • The light and intrinsically flexible nature of the USRI enables its use as a conformable sealing layer and hence can be readily integrated with skin electronics.
Key impact
  • High passive cooling performance.
  • Anti ambient interference.
  • Wearable and stretchable.
  • Enhance electronic performance.
  • 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG) - Gold Medal
  • Publication: Jiyu Li et al. ,Ultrathin, soft, radiative cooling interfaces for advanced thermal management in skin electronics.Sci. Adv.9,eadg1837(2023).DOI:10.1126/sciadv.adg1837
  • Healthcare and medical field.
  • Gaming and entertainment.
  • Workforce development and training.
  • Artificial intelligence.


  • PWG/PA/1219/4/2022 (PCT) Patent filed: PCT/CN2022/108356
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