This invention is exclusively designed for children and tailor-made their smart eyewear to monitor myopia risk factors. It enables automated data gathering of children's eye usage habits and hence analyse and monitor their myopia condition. MY-O-Analyser is composited with the words “My”and“Optical”, while “MYO” echoes the first three alphabets of “Myopia”, also known as shortsighted.

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Technical name of innovation
MY-O-Analyser (My-Optical-Analyser)
Commercialisation opportunities
Exclusive licensing
Problem addressed

This invention is inspired by the current status and methods of monitoring children’s myopia progression and habits. Children's myopia rate is on the rise around the world due to the prevalent use of eletronic products. In fact, it is difficult to monitor a large number of possible myopia cases while vision tests for children are only done periodically.

  • With multiple sensors on the smart eyewear’s temple parts, this invention enables automated detection of children’s viewing habits, such as reading distance, lightness and darkness, and head angle status. Relevant data are collected and stored in an online cloud database by mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
  • Instead of adhering an add-on to glasses like the current myopia detection device in the market, the smart eyewear with special hinge design can be easily merged with any children’s glasses, making it more flexible and convenient.
  • The design of the smart eyewear is based on children’s head form database, which is more suitable for the face shape of children.
Key impact
  • Parents can understand and analyse the data regarding their children's habits of reading, writing, and using electronic screen instantly through a mobile application. It provides a faster solution for parents to monitor their children’s myopia risk factors without prolonged observation, and take immediate actions to address the problems.
  • Ophthalmologists can also refer to the data collected by the smart eyewear to make precise and appropriate decisions, while better diagnose and treat any myopia problems or related eye diseases.
  • The better-fit design based on children's head form and face shape can erase discomfort and allow long-time wearing.
  • 2022 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions - Silver
  • To help promote eye care with innovation and technology, and slow down the myopia progression in children.


  • Hong Kong Short Term Patent Application (Under Application)
  • China utility model patent (Under Application)
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