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Intelligent battery management system for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage


PolyU start-up RC Labs has produced adaptive, chemistry agnostic and modular intelligent battery management systems. A battery management system (BMS) is an electronic circuit that ensures rechargeable batteries, especially Lithium based chemistries, do not operate outside their safe operating region. RC Labs’ BMS offers an additional layer of intelligence to improve the performance, safety and flexibility of energy storage.

  • Intelligent battery management system for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage
Technical name of innovation
Intelligent battery management systems
Commercialisation opportunities
Collaboration for product development, technology development in various application segments; Product distribution
Problem addressed

Batteries fail due to poor cell quality, inefficient thermal management and suboptimal battery management systems. This not only causes physical harm to end users, accidents can damage the brand image, put manufacturers into legal troubles and even delay the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV).

  • RC Labs' hardware is modular. It can accommodate and scale to higher voltage applications by using master-slave technology. It can seamlessly add-on telemetry devices without having the need to redesign the hardware.
  • RC Labs' firmware is chemistry agnostic helping to rapidly accomodate newer applications and chemistries. This helps us to scale the business without being resticted to particular chemistry / application.
  • RC Labs' software is designed to help customers / OEMs / dealers / end users visualize battery status and take actions based on real-time insights. Also helps our customers to check warranty and brings in accountability.
Key impact
  • Improved safety against fire accidents and malfunctions
  • Improved reliability with better state of charge and state of health estimation
  • Battery pack makers can have a single BMS vendor thereby reducing their supply chain complexity.
  • With real-time analytics, our customers can track their battery (asset) and get periodic over-the-air updates. The platform keeps a warranty check.
  • Electric vehicles. E.g. electric bikes, cars, planes
  • Renewable energy. E.g. Wind, Solar
  • Back up power units. E.g. UPS, Portable power banks
  • Robots. E.g. industrial robots, cleaning robots
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