End-to-end V2X System


An End-to-end Multi-tier vehicle to everything system with low-latency and reliable communications, which can enhance road safety and traffic efficiency.

  • End-to-end V2X System
Technical name of innovation
End-to-end V2X System - improves road safety and traffic efficiency
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing; Technology co-development
Problem addressed

Smart Mobility is crucial for road safety and traffic efficiency; A fast, safe, and reliable network with low latency is required for connected vehicles, pedestrians, and road infrastructures to share road safety information; A central management system is required to manage V2X devices and provide different services. However, it's usually deployed in a data center, which will increase communication latency.

  • V2X Management Platform enables management of all V2X devices (vehicles, RSUs, etc.), alarms, configuration, performance, services, and systems with multi-tier management capability at edge, region, and central office.
  • Smart road-side infrastructure provides multi-sensor fusion (e.g. lidar, radar, camera, etc.) based on deep learning, to enhance road safety and traffic efficiency.
  • Low latency & Intelligent V2X Algorithms can detect different abnormal traffic conditions and send real-time alert notifications via V2X (within milliseconds).
  • Intelligent Traffic Management & Data Analytics can suggest a fast path to increase traffic efficiency.
  • High Availability (HA) system is designed with a redundant management server & database.
  • V2X data security & protection, only authorized users can register & access the system & data.
Key impact
  • Fully compliant with Smart Mobility Initiatives in the ‘Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0’ promulgated by the HKSAR Government to help enhance road safety and efficiency.
  • 5G and C-V2X technologies enable effective, accurate, and faster data exchange.
  • The first C-V2X Open Road Test symbolise a milestone in Hong Kong’s Smart Mobility.
  • Will create a new Smart Mobility Eco-System and new business opportunities for Hong Kong in the long term and provide a safer, more convenient, and efficient Smart Mobility experience for people.
  • 2021 ICT China Innovation Award - Best Technology Innovation Application (PT EXPO China 2021)
  • 2021 CAHK STAR Award - Best 5G Application Bronze
  • 2022 the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva – Gold Award
  • Smart City Applications
  • V2X System
  • Automated Valet Parking (AVP) Applications
  • Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) Applications
  • Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)


  • CN App No. 201980000523.7
  • US Patent No. 11,195,413; CN App No. 202080001090.X and HK App No. 62020022211.0
  • US App. No. 17/673,506
  • US App. No. 17/689,184
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