This is an advanced system for embedding in vehicles to detect driver's drowsiness instantly based on fusion of image (processing) algorithm and sensors, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). The system can provide audio alert to driver upon detecting drowsiness to enhance road safety.

  • Drowsiness-Fighter 0
Technical name of innovation
Contactless Artificial Intelligence Drowsiness Detection System Based on Sensor Fusion 
Commercialisation opportunities
Problem addressed

Drivers who are drowsy while driving pose danger to the road safety, and there is a lack of accurate drowsiness detection systems in the market.

  • AI deep-learning image (processing) algorithm for timely and accurate detection
  • Infrared camera for detection at night
Key impact
  • Prevention of accident and reduction of car crash
  • Reduce maintenance costs due to accident
  • Low cost, low power consumption and easy to install

  • Any automotive vehicle
  • Fleet management
  • Railway transportation system


  • Hong Kong Short-term Patent (Patent no.: HK30014314)
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