Autonomous Vehicle


Professor Liu Ming and his team at HKUST has developed the first non-contact freight logistics automated vehicle, which aims to help companies improve operational efficiency by providing customized design services, TaaS systems and smart transportation solutions.

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Commercialisation opportunities
Technology licensing agreement
Problem addressed

To facilitate contact-less freight transportation in the post COVID-19 world, Professor Liu Ming and his research team has developed an autonomous logistic vehicle to reduce direct human contacts, delivery time and freight costs, improving fuel efficiency and truck utilization.

  • The autonomous vehicle is composed of hardware and software systems including sensors, cloud server modules and algorithms to achieve autonomous navigation with a dynamics-based Model Predictive Controller (MPC).
Key impact
  • High safety performance; on road travel distance > 2,500 km without any accident
  • Total avoided contacts > 67,600
  • Achieved level 4 autonomy
  • Relying on the multi-sensor fusion system to achieve high-precision mapping, positioning, 360-degree obstacle perception, reasonable path planning, obstacle detour, autonomous emergency braking, intelligent parking and other functions of vehicles, providing a full-stack driverless technology solution.
  • Wide range of uses, can be used for logistics, manned, teaching, cleaning and security
  • High safety performance
  • High degree of adaptation


  • Chinese Patent Applied: 202010104509.6
  • Chinese Patent Applied: 201810029397.5
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