Hong Kong Taxi Smart System  


This system enhances the current taxi fleet management in Hong Kong by introducing the in-vehicle telematics device, smart taxi metre and dedicated backend cloud services. All taxis will stay connected to provide accurate and important data for fleet management and real-time ridehailing, including video from dashboard camera and vehicle status, helping to monitor drivers' behaviour and status.

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Problem addressed

Currently there is no all-in-one solution of taxi metre and Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The existing taxi metre is a standalone device and cannot share information with other people nor system. There is no true record of the journey when taxi drivers and passengers have disputes over pricing or routing issues.

  • An integrated solution of taxi metre and IoT platform
  • Provide a detailed records of the journey, including digital maps
  • An enhanced secured system which supports electronic payment methods

Key impact
  • Real-time monitoring of driver and vehicle status
  • Collect and analyse data to provide useful information for fleet management
  • Stay connected for potential Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) applications
  • Smart ride-hailing system
  • Real-time taxi monitoring and driving behavior tracking
  • Fleet analysis and management system


  • CN Utility Model 202121614880.3
  • HK Short Term HK30045776
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