Non-invasive Diagnosis of Internal Combustion Engine Performance


This technology provides an approach of proactive measurement and monitoring of performance of internal combustion engine by simply using a smart phone. This not only helps users record the daily performance data of the engine, but also reduces the down time of the vehicle due to inspection and hence saves the costs.

  • Non-invasive Diagnosis of Internal Combustion Engine Performance 0
  • Non-invasive Diagnosis of Internal Combustion Engine Performance 1
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

Engine malfunction can cause sluggish performance, excessive fuel consumption and safety issues. The ideal solution is to monitor the engine performance in frequent intervals for early detection of flaws. However, it consumes time and cost. This technology could address the need, by providing a proactive, non-invasive, cost effective and time saving solution.

  • This technology uses a triaxial accelerometer, which can either be a low-cost standalone unit or one embedded in a smart phone, to measure the vibration of a vehicle in all three directions when the engine is idling at constant speed.
  • The vibration spectrum records information of engine performance and the condition of vehicle chassis components. Measurements will be made frequently to form a database for future measurement to be compared with. Any deviation indicates flaw and the onset of potential problems.
Key impact
  • Abnormal vibration and flaws of the engine and suspension system could be detected. It provides quantitative data for analysis and improvement.
  • Simple monitoring practice could be carried out frequently, even on a daily basis due to its simplicity.
  • This technology could reduce maintenance costs and improve engine performance and fuel-efficiency.
  • Silver Award at the 2nd Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong
  • detect abnormalities or small vibrations of the engine and suspension system
  • record the daily performance data of the engine


  • US Patent No. US 9,841,354
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