Electric Powertrain with Integrated Three-speed Automatic Transmission 


This electric powertrain accompanied with an integrated three-speed transmission is developed to optimise the overall efficiency of electric vehicle (EV) powertrain system and improve the total driving mileage after every recharge. Also, the overall performance of EV is significantly improved via the contribution of multiple gears. The mated transmission facilitates the manoeuvre of an EV in different terrains like the hilly Hong Kong traffic.

Commercialisation opportunities
Licensing agreement
Problem addressed

The overall efficiency of the traditional electric powertrain drops more during 'low speed high load' or 'high speed low load' conditions.

  • The matching traction motor, multi-speed transmission and gearshifting control algorithm improve overall powertrain efficiency and performance.
Key impact
  • Higher efficiency and longer driving mileage.
  • Higher cruising speed and hill climbing ability without increasing the power of its traction motor.
  • Electric minibus
  • Electric truck
Automotive Platforms and Application Systems (APAS)

Automotive Platforms and Application Systems (APAS) R&D Centre was established in 2006 by the Innovation and Technology Commission of HKSAR Government and hosted by the Hong Kong Productivity Council. The Centre undertakes R&D programmes as well as commercialising R&D results in collaboration with industry, universities and technology institutes for the development of the APAS technology. Since its establishment, APAS R&D Centre has carried out over 100 R&D projects and focus on 3 R&D areas, Green Transportation, Smart Mobility and Intelligent Systems. To facilitate greater synergy and further enhance cost effectiveness, APAS is form part of the Hong Kong Productivity Council with effect from 1 Nov 2012.