New Generation Advanced Motorcycle Electronic Fuel Injection System


This advanced and integrated electronic fuel injection system uses sophisticated control algorithm to realise the optimal air-fuel ratio so as to fulfil the Euro-IV Emission Standard. The system is able to calibrate different types of motorcycle engines through the tailor-made tuning software. The system is also equipped with advanced On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) and Bluetooth module to help the driver inspect the motorcycle operation status and diagnose the motorcycle faults for timely maintenance.

  • New Generation Advanced Motorcycle Electronic Fuel Injection System
Commercialisation opportunities
Exclusive licensing
Problem addressed

The scale of production and sales of motorcycles in China is huge. Most of the motorcycles are powered by traditional carburetor engines, which have low fuel efficiency and cause environmental pollution. With the release and implementation of the China IV Emission Standards and Euro-IV Emission Standards, which are more stringent, traditional carburetors cannot meet the new emission standards. In this regard, motorcycle manufacturers need to replace carburetors with electronic fuel injection systems. However, most of the motorcycle manufacturers in China rely on imported electronic fuel injection systems, which are costly and affect product competitiveness.

  • With compact design, this innovative electric fuel injection system is compatible with different motorcycle models to save cost without additional retrofit cost.
  • With advanced control software and control algorithms, the motorcycle power system is precisely controlled to improve motorcycle performance and fuel economy.
  • Equipped with OBD system and application, it is convenient for motorcycle drivers and manufacturers to conduct data analysis and diagnose faults of motorcycles.
Key impact
  • Enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • Improve the drivability of motorcycle under different engine operation modes.
  • Low cost for retrofitting conventional carburetors to electronic fuel injection system.
  • Inspect the motorcycle status and diagnose the motorcycle faults more conveniently.
  • Motorcycle engines of different emission levels to fulfil Euro-IV Emission Standard
  • Industrial machines with small engines (such as lawn mower)
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