Compact and Efficient Micro-Inverter


A novel AC-to-DC and DC-to-AC Power Conversion(Rectifier/Inverter) pulsating-power-buffering (PPB) circuit

  • Compact and Efficient Micro-Inverter
Technical name of innovation
Apparatus and methods for conversion between ac and dc, and between dc and ac power
Commercialisation opportunities
Problem addressed

It offers noticeably lower dc-link voltage than conventional circuits, thus can be used with smaller capacitors to reduce size and cost and achieve high efficiency, while maintaining the power factor. It uses low-cost bi-quadrant switches to replace expensive diode / mosfet, while maintaining a high power factor.

  • Heavy component reduction on diodes and MOSFET, leads to lower cost
  • No electrolytic capacitors are needed, which have very limited lifetime
Key impact
  • Works with both AC to DC and DC to AC
  • Long lifetime: As electrolytic capacitors are the usual fault of a power supply, eliminating electrolytic capacitors greatly increase the lifetime
  • High Power Factor Achieving: Power Factor of >0.99, avoiding distortion to the mains
  • Chargers
  • Power Adaptors

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