Gold(III)-based Emitter Materials for OLED Application


This invention is a new class of luminescent gold(III) compounds with cyclometalated tetradentate (C^C^N^N) ligands, coordinated to a gold(III) metal center, serving as phosphorescent.

  • Gold(III)-based Emitter Materials for OLED Application
Technical name of innovation
Luminescent Tetradentate Ligand-Containing Gold(III) Compounds for Organic Light-Emitting Devices and Their Preparation
Commercialisation opportunities
Problem addressed

The inertness of gold(III) metal center may be the key challenge for the synthesis of gold(III) complexes with tetradentate ligands. The gold(III) complexes in this invention could be a solution.

  • The gold(III) complexes in this invention can be simply prepared by one-pot reaction, increasing the ease of preparation, reduce the number of steps for synthesis and purification, as well as improve the product yield.
  • These compounds can serve as phosphorescent dopants and form uniform thin films by either vacuum deposition and/or solution-processing technique.
Key impact
  • Serve as phosphorescent dopants for both vacuum-deposited and solution-processable OLEDs
  • Broad colour emission spectrum, covering yellow-green region
  • Simple fabrication process as it can be obtained from a one-pot reaction
  • Lower cost, an estimated production cost of ~HKD520/g when compared with iridium (III) complexes in the range of HKD5,000-32,000/g
  • OLED Display


  • US Application No. 16/722,654
  • PRC Application No. 201980085166.9
  • KOR Application No. 10-2021-7023242
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