Intelligent Vehicle Engine Starter


The intelligent engine starter is used in the field of vehicle starting and has three main functions: engine start, emergency start, and wireless monitoring & early warning. It has strong starting capability, ultra-low temperature start (-40℃), safe to use, maintenance free and long service life, can predict the life of the battery, and is an intelligent starting power supply.

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Technical name of innovation
Intelligent vehicle start technology based on super capacitor
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing, Collaboration for product development, Product distribution
Problem addressed

Aging battery, battery leakage, and cold winters can all cause the vehicle to fail to start and cause the engine to stall on the road. The start-stop system of the vehicle accelerates the aging of the battery, and the service life of the battery cannot be monitored in advance, resulting in the frequent occurrence of failure to start the vehicle.

  • Estimate the start-up capability of vehicle battery online - This technology can continuously estimate and warn the starting performance of the battery during the battery life cycle. And the estimation method can be implemented without the use of expensive, bulky current sensors.
  • Driving behavior prediction -The intelligent engine starter can monitor and record the engine status and determine the driving or parking status of the vehicle. The driving behavior is modeled and the driving behavior is predicted, so as to realize the intelligent engine starter to sleep and enter into the stage of ultra-low power consumption when the vehicle is parked.
  • Intelligent engine emergency start -When the vehicle fails to start, the intelligent engine emergency start will detect it and absorb energy from the battery to achieve a higher rate of discharge capacity. When the vehicle starts up again, an emergency start of the vehicle is performed.
Key impact
  • If your vehicle has the intelligent engine starter, you can start the vehicle anytime and anywhere without worrying about engine stalling and vehicle stopping on the road. Even if the engine stalls, the vehicle can be successfully started again through emergency start.
  • If your vehicle has the intelligent engine starter, it can extend the service life of the vehicle battery, reduce the maintenance cost of the vehicle, and reduce the number of lead-acid batteries that are seriously polluting the environment.
  • For a vehicle with a start-stop system, the vehicle has to start frequently, which is extremely harmful to the battery. To do this, the vehicle has to use expensive AGM battery. The use of intelligent engine starter is very suitable for cars which start frequently.
  • In cold winter, especially at minus 40 ℃, the starting performance of the vehicle battery is greatly weakened resulting in the vehicle often unable to start normally. The intelligent engine starter still maintains a strong starting ability at minus 40 ℃, which can avoid starting failure.
  • All types of cars,trucks, buses, very suitable for cars with start-stop system.
  • Diesel generators, such as emergency backup power.
  • All types of boats, including yachts, fishing boats
  • All types of construction machinery
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