Highly Rechargeable Battery with Nanoporous Zn Electrode


HKUST invented a free-standing, nanoporous (NP) Zn anode. Its stable metal network can withstand long cycles at a deep depth of discharge (DoD). It has been demonstrated Coulombic efficiency >99% for more than 200 cycles in practical coin cells. The projected energy density of a Ni-Zn battery with this anode is 110Wh/kg, among the best ever reported.

  • Highly Rechargeable Battery with Nanoporous Zn Electrode
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Problem addressed

Zn metal has attracted attention to its unfulfilled potential in rechargeable batteries. As one of the most abundant metals on earth, Zn offers a theoretical volumetric capacity of 3694 Ah/L. The sluggish hydrogen evolution on the Zn surface allows it to work in an aqueous, particularly alkaline electrolyte, eliminating any fire hazard and lowering the cost. However, one of the major challenges of Zn batteries is the poor cycle life.

  • The free-standing nanoporous Zn anode achieves best ever reported energy density and life cycle performance.
Key impact
  • The newly invented Zn anode is a breakthrough to Zn-based batteries to achieve excellent energy density and long life cycle practically. It will enable more favourable rechargeable batteries products to develop based on this nanoporous Zn anode.
  • Applied as an anode in a rechargeable battery such as nickel-zinc, silver-zinc, and zinc-air battery


  • US Application No. 63/283193 
  • Chinese Application No. 202111506478.8
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