Safe, Scalable and Low-cost Energy Storage System


Our Energy Storage System stores energy in water-based electrolyte, which is inherently safe, low cost, long-life, highly scalable, and eco-friendly. The system can store renewable energy and grid electricity to ensure efficient energy usage.

  • Safe, Scalable and Low-cost Energy Storage System 0
  • Safe, Scalable and Low-cost Energy Storage System 1
  • Safe, Scalable and Low-cost Energy Storage System 2
Commercialisation opportunities
Technology start-up from the university
Problem addressed

Li-ion batteries are the most popular battery technology. However, it suffers from increasing cost, environmental impacts and fire risks, which hinder its development toward large-scale energy storage applications. Safe and low-cost energy storage system for grid scale is essential for sustainable development.

  • Flow battery electrolyte with high energy density and low cost.
  • Advanced membrane improves battery lifetime to 15 years.
Key impact
  • Inherently Safe -- Liquid electrolyte is mainly made of water, which is non-toxic and has no fire concern.
  • Highly Scalable -- Energy capacity can be increased simply by enlarging electrolyte tank's volume.
  • Long life cycle -- The battery system is expected to operate for more than 15 years.
  • Winner of Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year Award, Falling Walls Foundation, 2020
  • Xplorer Prize, Tencent Foundation, 2021
  • TERA Award Smart Energy Innovation Competition, Towngas and State Power Investment Company Limited, 2022
  • Large scale energy storage system for renewable powers
  • Electric vehicle solar charger
  • Uninterruptible power supply for data centre and base station
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