Battery Doctor for Health and Life-time Diagnosis


HKQAI has developed an intelligent tool for diagnosing the health and lifespan of batteries.

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  • Battery Doctor for Health and Life-time Diagnosis 1
  • Battery Doctor for Health and Life-time Diagnosis 2
  • Battery Doctor for Health and Life-time Diagnosis 3
Commercialisation opportunities
Collaboration Research and Technology Licensing
Problem addressed

The safety of batteries and their value estimation depend on accurate battery status of health (SOH) and remaining useful life (RUL) predictions. Existing tools have problems such as low accuracy and short forecast time lead, which cannot meet the needs of the rapid development of the industry.

  • AI Big Data Analysis
  • Pre-trained model
Key impact
  • Small amount of data needed
  • Quick judgment in a short time
  • Adaptable for different battery brands and models
  • Battery RUL prediction and Battery value estimation
  • Battery safety monitering, early warning
  • Fast battery quality classification, providing low-cost test solutions for product development, cell grouping, battery balancing, etc.
  • Safe fast-charging strategy

Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab, also known as The Centre of Machine Learning for Energy Materials and Devices, was established through a collaboration between HKU and Caltech. It is funded by InnoHK, the world-class ten-billion I&T initiative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. The centre is dedicated to making breakthroughs in the fundamental research area of AI + quantum chemistry and applying the latest scientific discoveries and technological advancements to facilitate the transformation and development of microelectronics, new energy, materials industries through digital technology.

Our areas of technological research and development include the AI + quantum chemistry simulation platform for discovering new materials, Li-ion battery design and simulation tools, battery health and life diagnosis tools, solid-state batteries, new catalysts, OLED emitter materials, robotic technologies, and more.

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