Smart Building Management System


1) Integrate the traditional ventilating, fire, plumbing and drainage, and electricity systems of a building, we acquire the real-time operation data and apply artificial intelligence to enhance energy efficiency of systems operation.

2) Provide a Cloud-based facility management system to monitor and control the systems operation with preventive measures.

3) Apply Internet-of-Things smart hardware and sensors to building systems, enabling the occupants to have control to the HVAC, lighting and monitoring the indoor air quality.

  • Smart Building Management System 0
  • Smart Building Management System 1
  • Smart Building Management System 2
Technical name of innovation
Smart Building Management System
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing, Collaboration for product development, technology development in various application segments; Product distribution
Problem addressed

The legacy building management systems are running by different providers that do not interface and operate together, this incurs a high maintenance and operation cost. Our one-stop cloud-based application platform optimizes the daily operation, the smartphone application also allows occupants to control their environment with comfort, this enhances the premise value with energy efficiency.

  • Integrate the legacy building management system, providing one-stop cloud platform for facility mangement to optimize their daily operation with cost-saving on energy.
  • Leveraging the Internet-of-Things technology, apply low-cost smart hardware and sensors, enhancing the indoor environment quality and providing the conditions of system operation.
  • Tenants can access doors and lifts in touchless manner by using their identity pre-set in smartphone application. With the smart building upgrade, tenants can also have direct control to the building facilities, including the HVAC, lightings, access control units and etc.
Key impact
  • Reduce the cost for installation and re-cabling for the revamp of existing building management systems into a smart one.
  • Facility management can get the operation conditions of the building systems while saving the energy consumption and enhancing the comfort of tenants.
  • Touchless and keyless access to building facilities, including the mailbox, access control units and lifts with the use of smartphone application
  • Maintain the immunized building with energy efficiency.
  • PolyU Tech Launchpad Fund (2020)
  • Technology Innovation Award of World Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization (2020)
  • Gold Medal in the 2nd Asia Exhibition of Inventions (AEI) Hong Kong (2019)
  • Champion of Hong Kong Value Creation for Technology, Autumn (2019
  • Global Innovation Award, TechConnect (2017)
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Residential estate and clubhouse
  • Shopping arcades
  • Hotels
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