Power-to-Water Battery


Novel, versatile battery that stores surplus renewable-generated electricity as thermal energy and discharges it for rapid, scalable and sustainable atmospheric-water harvesting or humidity control.

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  • Power-to-Water Battery 2
  • Power-to-Water Battery 3
  • Power-to-Water Battery 4
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Problem addressed

Energy storage system (ESS) can bridge the mismatch between renewable energy (e.g., wind power, solar power) supply and end-users’ demand.

  • The surplus renewable electricity from the grid can charge the thermal storage medium via heat pumping or joule heating (e.g., ohmic, induction, microwave).
  • The low-cost, environmental-friendly, and high-storage-density medium (e.g., fire brick, molten salts, stones, concrete, paraffin, etc.) stores the excessive renewable energy in a well-insulated container.
  • The concentrated hygroscopic solution can absorb the atmospheric moisture or the indoor humidity driven by vapor pressure.
Key impact
  • The module structure is simple, and the working fluid is stable. The deployment does not rely on any specific terrain.
  • The microporous polymeric membrane features high specific areas that contribute to high mass flux in a compact structure.
  • The TES materials feature high energy storage density which is a benefit to achieving a low energy loss and thus high efficiency.
  • The high temperature and active heating strategy enable a higher initial concentration and thus faster sorption kinetics compared with the state-of-art AWH modules.
  • 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG) - Gold Medal
  • Atmospheric water harvesting (AWH)
  • Humidity control (dehumidification)


  • PWG/PA/1424/2/2023 (USA) Patent number: 63/486,657 (USA)
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