High Strength Lightweight Concrete


NAMI has developed high strength lightweight concrete technology for building construction with a wide range of densities and performance available to suit different applications and requirements.

  • High Strength Lightweight Concrete
Commercialisation opportunities
Non-exclusive licensing
Problem addressed

Traditional normal concrete is heavy and requires higher cost for transportation and strong foundation. NAMI’s high strength lightweight concrete shows lower density, which can save the material consumption and transportation efforts, as well as reduce the weight of superstructure and hence the size of foundation.

  • Taking advantage of the advanced material technology, NAMI's high strength lightweight concrete is composed of high performance cementitious paste and air voids with controlled size, showing high strength to density ratio and superior stability, suitable for production of precast building elements.
  • NAMI’s high strength lightweight concrete can reach a strength level of grade C25 at a density of 1500kg/m3.  
  • It also shows superior thermal insulation and sound absorption properties, saving the energy consumption by air conditioning, as well as enhancing the indoor environment quality and fire resistance.
Key impact
  • Compressive strength: 30MPa at a density of 1,500kg/m3
  • Fire resistance: > 90mins (80mm thick wall panel); > 165mins (125mm slab panel under loading)
  • Acoustic insulation: >STC43 (80mm thick wall panel)
  • Heavyweight anchorage capacity: 4000N (80mm thick panel)

  • Structural slab panel
  • Structural and non-structural wall panel 
  • Protection cover for steel structure
  • Fire rated door
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI)

As a Materials Expert, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) has a strong portfolio of innovative technologies to support and collaborate with the industry, offering frontier-applied research on advanced materials as well as technology transfer for commercialization success.

NAMI, incorporated in 2006, is designated by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the Hong Kong Government as a Research and Development Center for nanotechnology and advanced materials. NAMI undertakes and provides support for market-driven research in nanotechnology and advanced materials, and strives for commercialization of the technologies to benefit the industry and the society at large, as well as re-industrialization to promote the economic growth and sustainability of Hong Kong.