Crash Box with High Energy-Absorption Capacity Induced by Material Enhancement


Being a crash box with a transverse cross-sectional shape of a polygon, the innovation is designed to absorb impact energy by repeated buckling of the body in the lengthwise direction, which is induced by material strength enhancement of the crash box body and structure optimization, when impact load is exerted and eventually is compacted into a shape of bellow.

  • Crash Box with High Energy-Absorption Capacity Induced by Material Enhancement
Technical name of innovation
Development of High-performance Energy Absorption Structures Based on Structure Optimization and Material Enhancement
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
Prototype system verified
Problem addressed

The invention improves the structure and material distribution of a crash box so that the crash box will be able to take up more energy during its plastic deformation as compared with other crash boxes of the same weight. In other words, the crash box weight can be reduced if the energy required to be absorbed is unchanged.

  • Low weight
  • Excellent energy-absorption performance
  • This crash box can be made by high-strength metal plate to further reduce the weight.
Key impact
  • Higher energy-absorption capability
  • Lower weight
  • Lower initial peak force
  • Automotive Industry
  • Subfloor of helicopters
  • The highway guardrails


  • Chinese Patent Application Granted: ZL201710785454.8
  • US Patent Application Granted: US 11,052,848
  • US Patent Application Granted: US 11,299,117
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