High Speed Scooping Manipulation Method​


A robotic operation method for high-speed scooping. Through leveraging the versatility and flexibility of the robot’s direct-drive gripper (acts as sensors and actuators), it can perfectly secure and grab objects at any angle under high speed without causing damages on them. Therefore, providing users with a low-cost implementation and high adaptability to the environment

  • High Speed Scooping Manipulation Method​
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Problem addressed

The method addresses the challenges of picking an object lying on a hard support surface, for example, picking a thin plastic card lying on a tabletop, using a multi-fingered robotic gripper that is not equipped with the conventional yet limited suction pad array

  • The robot executing the method is controlled to negotiate with the surface on which an object of interest is lying in an adaptive manner and to finally obtain a stable pinch grasp on the object at a high speed.
  • The action of the robot is formulated as an impedance/stiffness feedback control task that can be realized by a gripper with direct-drive fingers, which can function as both actuators and sensors.
Key impact
  • High speed picking with less cycle time
  • Low-cost implementation and adaptability to the environment
  • Able to use electromagnetic motors as both actuators and sensors


  • US Patent Application, 63312101
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