High-entropy Lattice achieved by 3D printing


With 3D prngting technology, Lu yang's group designed and fabricated a range of disordered and locally distorted single crystalline lattice structures inspired by HEA crystal lattice.

  • High-entropy Lattice achieved by 3D printing 0
  • High-entropy Lattice achieved by 3D printing 1
  • High-entropy Lattice achieved by 3D printing 2
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

The novel ‘high-entropy lattice’ structures may be tuned with desired mechanical behavior with optimization algorithms, to achieve desirable mechanical and functional properties, such as ultralight but high strength and high damage-tolerance, which can be used for many structural engineering and industrial applications.

  • The mechanical behavior of the lattice can be modified through a careful design of the lattice unit cells because of high resolution 3D techonogy.
  • The high-entropy lattice structure can achieve the features of macroscopic ordered with local distributed distortion and variation,which can be used to achieve optimal properties
Key impact
  • Stereolithographic additive manufacturing method with high precision and large breadth
  • HEL structures have unusual tunable mechanical properties than conventional lattice structures for structural and functional application
  • Reinforcement structual materials in construction
  • Functional materials for electronic devices or energy storage
  • Bio-scaffolds for cell culturing in biomedicine


  • Patent (Filed): 17/436,598
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