IMU+ Long Lasting 3D Printing Antiviral Products


A research team of PolyU has invented a long lasting antimicrobial self-disinfection 3D printing material with an antiviral rate of 99.2% in 20 mins and 99.9% within 2 hours, which effectively blocks the infection of COVID-19 in public facilities. This technology has been commercialised through PolyU academic-led start-up Immune Materials Limited.

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Technical name of innovation
IMU+ Long Lasting 3D Printing Antiviral Products
Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
Collaboration for product development, Product distribution
Problem addressed

Under COVID-19 pandemic, the hand hygiene and cross-contamination issue in public high touches surface has been a critical risk to public health and service operators without a good solution. Immune Materials Limited aims to tackle this challenge by developing novel materials, manufacturing approaches that could provide a long lasting (over three years) anti-COVID solutions for public.

  • Offers solutions for infection control on public facilities by providing 3D printed products with inherent antiviral properties.
  • Enables mass scale production of infection control and antiviral consumer products using conventional plastics manufacturing processes such as injection molding and thin film blow molding.
Key impact
  • Coronavirus pandemic created a New Normal problem. People care about public sanitization, pay extra manpower in cleaning public area, afraid of contamination between cleanings and missing area. However, Antimicrobial Spray Coating is easy on - easy off, its transparent nature can’t tell if it’s still effective. In addition, most of them only work for 30-60 days.
  • Immune Materials Limited dedicates to develop long lasting antimicrobial self-disinfection materials which can be free from routine human intervention, provide peace-of-mind to users worrying Coronavirus or common cold virus infection, and save costs.
  • 3D Printing Antiviral Lift Button, Handle Cover
  • Infection Control Products
  • Antiviral Consumer Products
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