Machining Distortion Minimisation


Inherent and machining induced stresses can cause distortion in final aerostructures, with potentially costly consequences amounting to millions of US dollars. This innovative work has resulted in a process that minimises stress and distortion through the careful selection of material and machining strategies. To verify the conclusions, element deletion, finite element analysis, and additional machining were employed.

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Problem addressed

Distortion of aerostructures results in parts being reworked or scrapped. This is an unacceptable loss, both financially and environmentally.

  • By investigating complex machining strategies such as helical milling and tool path optimisation, it is possible to dramatically decrease the induced stress in a component, leading to a subsequent reduction in distortion.
  • By analysing deep residual stress via sectioning and careful measurement of post-machined distortion, it is possible to identify the optimal material and heat treatment for a given component.
  • The process monitoring system included thermal and visual cameras, as well as vibration, strain, and displacement gauges, all synchronised to the milling operations via an acoustic pick-up. The data was logged on a computer and analysed in real time.
Key impact
  • Improved process for the production of aerostructures.
  • Deterministic down-selection of suppliers based on analysis of intrinsic residual stress and its effect on the distortion of the final part.
  • A suite of in-process monitoring technology is available to any machining operation to identify the optimal machining parameters.
  • Improvement of processes in multi-axis machining centres.
  • Improvement of component reliability through the selection of optimal materials and machining strategies.
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