Automatic Scheduling Optimization Solution in Distribution Centre


This is the intelligent production management system developed by FLAIR to provide high-quality and efficient job-scheduling and planning solutions for discrete manufacturing.

  • Automatic Scheduling Optimization Solution in Distribution Centre 0
Commercialisation opportunities
Technology licensing agreement
Problem addressed

Due to the high rental and labour costs, automation has been introduced into warehouse management for recent years. To make the system smarter, a more efficient job-scheduling and planning solution could further optimize the overall throughput and/or tardiness which directly minimize costs and maximize productivity.

  • Fast pulling product strategy based on crossover particle swarm optimization
  • Advanced product shelving strategy based on order statistics or evenly distributed criteria
  • Minimize costs and maximize productivity
Key impact
  • The system can find out the comparatively optimal solution to minimize the total processing time from pulling products from the shelves to packaging ready for delivery with a great number of constraints
  • Distribution centres
  • Logistics and warehouse management


  • PRC Patent No. 115293670A

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