Logistics Robots for Automated Warehousing and Transportation


The robots being developed are to fully automate material handling tasks in warehouses, and tranportation tasks and last-mile delivery in logistics industry.

  • Logistics Robots for Automated Warehousing and Transportation 0
  • Logistics Robots for Automated Warehousing and Transportation 1
  • Logistics Robots for Automated Warehousing and Transportation 2
Commercialisation opportunities
technology licensing agreement and customised R&D collaboration
Problem addressed

The robots are to resolve increasing manpower shortage problem and to meet the demand for higher efficiency and cost-effective operations in the industry.

  • Innovative technologies in smart sensing and perception, smart manipulation, smart moving, and smart interactions are developed to drive the robots to accomplish complicated tasks efficiently and reliably.
Key impact
  • The robots will help resolve the manpower shortage problem, improve efficiency in delivery, enable high-precision manipulation and handling, and provide lower cost warehousing solutions.
  • The transformative innovation and technologies will also help local logistics industry to enhance the competitiveness.
  • The robots will contribute to the development of innovation and technology, and nuturing of technology talents in Hong Kong.
  • The application of the R&D output includes warehouse automation, container terminal automation, airport automation, automatic delivery, and self-driving logistics vehicles.
  • Production line automation in manufacturing plants.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

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