Utility Transportation Robot


Hong Kong Center for Construction Robotics has developed Utility Transportation Robot to improve the efficiency and safety of building materials handling operations such as prefabricated parts and material packages on construction sites.

  • Utility Transportation Robot
Technical name of innovation
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

Utility TransportationRobot could transfer a variety of construction materials, such as prefabricated elements, concrete packages and other heavy items. It is able to load and unload objects automatically, and only one operator is needed in the whole process. The robot is featured by contactless, safe and zero-turning-radius natures, which is much more efficient compared with traditional manual working methods.

  • The robot uses sensors such as lasers, millimeter-wave radars, and cameras, which can intelligently sense the position of prefabricated elements, and automatically load and unload materials without contact.
  • The robot is driven by four wheels, and the chassis can move in all directions to achieve zero turning radius. It moves flexibly, and can pass common slopes and enter and exit freight elevators.
  • The robot has a strong load capacity and can carry 1.2 tons of prefabricated elements or material at one time, greatly improving the handling efficiency.
Key impact
  • Improved handling efficiency
  • Reduce handling risks and improve safety
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Transfer a variety of construction materials, such as prefabricated elements, concrete packages and other heavy items


  • Appearance patent: 2220646.0

Hong Kong Center for Construction Robotics (HKCRC), a scientific research and entrepreneurship platform, was established in 2020 as a joint collaborative effort among the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), University of California, Berkeley, and Tsinghua University. It belongs to the InnoHK project of the Hong Kong government. Led by Professor Li Zexiang, HKCRC gathered the world's top professors, scholars, and industrial resources to build an intelligent business incubator for the construction industry. HKCRC is committed to bringing advanced technologies such as robotics, automation, and AI into the construction industry and transformative changes to the construction industry.