Heavy Duty Autonomous Guided Vehicles


To keep pace with the rapid development of worldwide e-commence, the industry relies on advanced warehouse management systems to minimise the processing time and enhance efficiency. The Heavy Duty Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV) developed by LSCM is suitable for local warehouses, mini-stores, factories and mass retailing shops. The AGV is not only capable of carrying goods of up to 1,000kg, but also handling stock-taking tasks during closing time.

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Technical name of innovation
Heavy Duty Autonomous Guided Vehicles
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Problem addressed

Local warehouses have been challenged by increasing rental and labour costs. There is also additional pressure to provide more value- added services. The deployment of autonomous guided vehicles in warehouses can reduce the reliance on manpower, enable a more efficient use of space, as well as quicker response to orders and more accurate operation.

  • AGV hardware:
    -Self-balancing (with uneven floor compensation)
    -Fast battery swapping / auto-charging
  • AGV management software:
    -Applies intelligent algorithm to maximise space utilisation and supports a high-density storage configuration.
    -Possesses simulation tools for layout design validation and AGV fleet size determination
    -Provides real-time monitoring of the current location, status alarm, and battery usage of the AGVs via mobile app.
Key impact
  • Significantly save manpower and time as well as increase operational safety in daily warehouse operations.
  • Increased utilisation in shelves storage space with dense shelves arrangement.
  • Provide 7 x 24 self-help cabinet access for mini- storage tenants with reserved time-slot for storage and retrieval.
  • Logistics and Warehouse Management
  • Stores
  • Storage


  • US 16/145,738 / CN 201811631932 / HK 18112532 / HK42020007684.2
  • US 16/229,019 / CN 201910221119.4 / HK 18116433.1 / HK42020020203.4
  • US 16/293,993 / CN 201910221119.4 / HK 19120552.5 / HK42020020192.9
  • US 16/229,032 / CN 201910221119.4 / HK 18116437.7 / HK42020019421.5
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