Automatic Intelligent System for Packaging Chinese Medicinal Oil


This pioneer automated packaging system with intelligent control software for Chinese medicine products adopts visualised system and high-speed packaging modules. It performs as a novel wrapping method to imitate the cumbersome handcraft packaging technique precisely, which is suitable for diverse kinds of packaging requirements in terms of materials and sizing, complying with the complex and strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulatory requirements. This system helps maintain the product image of over a century of history with the well-recognised package design of the Chinese medicine brand. The system also lifts productivity while reducing the use of labour by 63%, alleviating the shortage of skillful labour.

  • Automatic Intelligent System for Packaging Chinese Medicinal Oil 0
  • Automatic Intelligent System for Packaging Chinese Medicinal Oil 1
  • Automatic Intelligent System for Packaging Chinese Medicinal Oil 2
  • Automatic Intelligent System for Packaging Chinese Medicinal Oil 3
Technical name of innovation
An Intelligent System for Complicated Packaging of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Oil in Compliance with GMP
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Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed
  • It is difficult to recurit skillful workers for the handcraft wrapping process of traditional medicinal oil production, and there is no appropriate automatic packaging system available in the Asian and European markets. 
  • Modification of packaging is limited as its traditional apperance has been widely recognised by customers, conveying an unique brand image. The packaging is also restricted by the relevant regulations.
  • This is a smart and innovative automatic packaging system, which is strictly in compliance with the GMP regulatory requirements.
  • With the high-speed packaging modules and visualised system, it can enhance the overall packaging quality by screening out product with defect, such as leakage in medicial bottles.
  • It imitates the cumbersome and manual packaging procedures with high precision and accuracy, while accommodating diverse kinds of packaging materials and sizing.
Key impact
  • Increase productivity and alleviate skillful labour shortage through customising the automated technology.
  • This technology successfully preserves the lasting brand image established by traditional Chinese medicinal oil products.
  • The manpower required for packaging reduced by 63%. Meanwhile, this innovation increases the productivity per capital by 310%, and output per worker by 4.3 times.
  • In addition to revitalising traditional production industries through technology, it has also increased the production capacity of Chinese Traditional Medicine that exported to overseas.
  • Complicated packaging for Chinese medicinal products


  • Hong Kong Short Term Patent Application No. 32022047407.8
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