Upcycling Engine Oil into Concrete


Innovative eco-friendly, economical and sustainable solution for safe and stable disposal of used engine oil, by upcycling into durable low-carbon concrete-based materials for the construction industry.

  • Upcycling Engine Oil into Concrete
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As worldwide urbanization and industrialization proceed, the accumulation of used engine oil (UEO) - approximately 8 million tons per annum - poses a significant global challenge to the environment through soil contamination and water pollution. This invention offers a clean and promising waste management strategy for UEO disposal, enabling long-term decarbonization in the waste management sector and contributing to the development of sustainable and durable concrete for large-scale implementation in the construction industry.

  • A typical high range water reducer and supplementary cementitious materials are used to improve the dispersion of UEO in the cement mixture and optimize the porosity of the resulting UEO concrete, respectively.
  • The UEO disposal or UEO concrete manufacturing process involves mixing the UEO with water-reducing admixtures to produce a well-dispersed mixture, then adding it to the concrete mixture.
  • By adding a high dosage of UEO, i.e., 5% by mass of cementitious materials, to the concrete mix, the resulting UEO concrete can achieve similar or better mechanical properties and dense microstructure compared to control groups.
Key impact
  • Innovative and low-carbon waste management strategy.
  • Workable, strong, durable, sustainable waste-enhanced concrete products.
  • Large-scale implementation of UEO concrete products in the building industry.
  • Infrastructures such as long-span bridges and high-rise buildings in the building sector.
  • Waste disposal solution in the waste management sector.


  • Patent filed Patent Priority No. 18/606,920 (USA) IDF 1118
  • Patent No. 63/304,483 (USA)
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