Garment-to-Garment (G2G) Recycle System


Garment-to-garment (G2G) recycle system is a unique mini-scale production line set up in a retail shop. It demonstrates an integral and closed-loop garment recycling process in a 40-foot container. It turns post-consumer garment back to fibres. These fibres are reused in spinning and knitting a new piece of clothes.

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Garment-to-Garment Recycle System
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Problem addressed

Old clothes have been overwhelming landfills around the world. Garment-to-garment (G2G) recycle system turns unwanted garment into fibres, and re-weaving the fibres into a new piece of clothes.

  • With the double-glazed wall, the anti-vibration and dust-controlled design, it protects the retail space from noise generated during the recycling process and minimises disturbance to nearby businesses. These features enable the G2G system to be operated within community spaces such as shopping malls
  • AI-aided vision detection for fibre opening consistencies and automatic recirculation of unopened fibres back to upstream for further opening process; enables the target manpower reduction by 40%
  • Developing machine learning algorithms to enable better control of produced yarn properties and help predict the optimal knit settings to be employed
Key impact
  • Promoting the importance of recycling of textile waste in the communities, contributing to a sustainable textile industry
  • Reducing manpower requirements, enable better quality and higher variety of products to be produced
  • Improving operability and upgrading customer experience to aid future commercialisation of the G2G system
  • iF Design Gold Award (2022)
  • Good Design Award (2021)
  • GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 (2021)
  • Gold Award in the Hong Kong Green Innovations Awards (2020)
  • Red Dot Design Award: Product Design (2019)
  • Gold Medal in the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (2019)
  • Gold Award in Asia International Innovative Invention Award (2019)
  • Innovation by Design Awards (2019)
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