Controlled-release Hydrogel for Mitigating Sewer Environment


Based on controlled-release of biocide, this hydrogel technology converts hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gases in air into harmless and odorless products, which aims to address the malodor problem at the source by killing odor causing microbes and inhibiting odor generation and converting malodors through catalytic transformation.

  • Controlled-release Hydrogel for Mitigating Sewer Environment
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

Malodor is an important class of air pollution that has a serious threat to personal health and quality of life. Sewer is one of major sources of malodor in urban environment and is particularly difficult to be treated.

  • Effectively convert H2S and NH3 into harmless minerals, water and N2
  • Operates under high humidity (100 % R.H.) and dark conditions
  • Long and stable operating life under extreme operating conditions found in drainage system
Key impact
  • Inhibit microorganisms causing malodor in drainage and sewage systems
  • Work under aggressive environment in sewer and drainage system
  • Over 80% H2S suppression
  • Effective for at least 30 days
  • Drainage systems
  • Sewage treatment sites
  • Waste treatment and handling facilities
  • Landfills


  • US Patent 13/997795 16/175031
  • CNIPA Chinese Patent 201180063144.6
  • HK Patent : 13112633.3
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