Food TranSmarter


This is the first-ever system in Hong Kong to automatically liquefy food waste into slurry. It offers a simple, clean and hygienic solution to the collection and shipping of food waste. Through the installation at residential estates and restaurants, Food TranSmarter can help convert food waste into slurry, which can then be easily transported by suction trucks to the compact unmanned systems to generate renewable energy and animal feed.

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Technical name of innovation
Novel Distributed System for Local Recycling of Food Waste
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

Food waste is a serious global problem, nearly 1/3 of the world's food is wasted, resulting in up to 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste every year. Recycling is often hindered by inconvenient food waste collection, high labour consumption and high cost. Therefore, most of the food waste will end up in landfills, which not only takes up valuable land resources, but also causes a lot of carbon emissions.

  • Food TranSmarter can be installed at shopping malls and residential areas. It can liquefy food waste into slurry within 1-2 hours, capturing over 97% usable materials, and leaving less than 3% waste for disposal.
  • The slurry will be delivered to the compact unmanned food waste recycling system. No further pre-treatment is needed for the slurry. Anaerobic digestion of food waste and production of animal feed are integrated in the system so that slurry can be 100% converted into biogas and animal feed while no waste is left for disposal.
Key impact
  • All kinds of food waste can be recycled and no tedious food waste separation is needed
  • Food waste collection has become convenient and hygienic, and the logistics cost can be reduced by 95%
  • Every tonne of food waste can generate ~300kWh renewable energy, produce 0.1 tonne fish feed and reduce 0.5 tonne carbon dioxide equivalent
  • This solution makes use of distributed systems to overcome space constraint in densely populated urban cities
  • Shopping malls, residential estates, business and industrial parks, university complex, individual restaurants, food factories


  • Hong Kong Short-term Patent (HK1224249)
  • China Invention Patent (ZL 2016 1 0514680.8)
  • China Utility Model Patent (ZL 2016 2 1051781.8)
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