3D Surface Weaving Machine


A complete weaving system developed through an integrative design of software and hardware components capable of incorporating non-traditional materials such as carbon fibre and electric wires in 3D surface weaving.

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  • 3D Surface Weaving Machine 1
  • 3D Surface Weaving Machine 2
Technical name of innovation
3D Surface Weaving Machine
Research completion
Problem addressed

Enabling of automatic 3D surface weaving.

  • An automatic weaving mechanism for 3D surface weaving derived from traditional weaving design.
  • Specific 3D deformation of a local region realized by adding short-row. 
  • Threads are released with precision through a matrix of independent controlled coils.
Key impact
  • Fabrics with 3D free form surface can be produced with the machine.
  • Materials used for weaving range from traditional fabrics to non-traditional materials for enabling of specific functionalities.
  • Facilitating of semi-automatic weaving.
  • Enable fabrication of personalized wearable products incorporating special features and functions.


  • Hong Kong Standard Patent: 22022061212.5; 22022061211.7
  • Hardware design for 3D surface weaving machine
  • Software development for 3D surface weaving machine

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