Sports Activity Assessment


Our system can estimate the pose of a person doing exercises. The virtual coaches can advise the user how to move their arms, legs, or body correctly for a workout or dance. We also gamify regular PE or fitness activities into a more interactive learning experience.

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Problem addressed

In schools, there is a strong demand for automated assessment for physical education (PE) activities. Our system can process data for a whole class of 35 students or more simultaneously. This saves PE teachers tremendous time required to evaluate the performance of each student individually.

Key impact
  • It can speed up and automate the entire process of evaluation, so teachers have more time to focus on areas that require manual teaching or advice.
  • To give precise and fair judgement of performance based on universal standards as programmed in the system, which can serve as a reliable grading reference for the teachers.
  • Boost positivity and motivation through gamification of fitness activities.
  • Schools
  • Sports training institutions
  • Fitness centres


  • Patent Number:32022062175.1

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