AI Analytic Engine for providing tailor-made trainings targeting SEN students


ASTRI has developed a revolutionary and cost-effective distance-learning system which allows parents and teachers to conduct SEN related training anytime, anywhere. With the assistance of the programme recommendation engine, the system can also help educational psychologists to speed up the assessment process and create a more efficient Individualised Educational Plan (IEP) for SEN students.

  • AI Analytic Engine for providing tailor-made trainings targeting SEN students
Commercialisation opportunities
IP licensing; Technology co-development
Problem addressed
  • The number of SEN students is increasing to over 56,000 in public mainstream schools in 2020 – 21.
  • There are insufficient teaching resources for SEN students such as shortage of therapists and limited space of classrooms.
  • One-on-one intensive training is an effective therapy approach but is too expensive and unaffordable for most families.
  • Programme recommendation engine that can speed up the assessment of student performance and suggest an updated IEP for students to improve the learning effectiveness.
  • Multimodal data capturing system that can collect the videos of learning activities, physiological data of students and environmental data of classrooms during the lessons for data analysis and evaluation.
  • Distance-learning system that allows parents or therapists to conduct training anytime and anywhere.
  • Mobile training app that can enable the trainers to conduct training on a mobile phone or tablet and submit the learning data on-the-fly for performance evaluation.
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy method, which is evidence-based, data centric and individualised, was supported by the system.
Key impact
  • Affordable and accessible ABA therapy tailored for each SEN student.
  • Quality and consistent learning experience across different parents and teachers.
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of SEN training process.
  • SEN training & therapy
  • Kindergarten education
  • Primary education
  • Rehabilitation therapy for children
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