Personalized child storytelling system


This project aimed to develop speech generation technology that can be used to automatic creating of child stories. The generation of audible stories is based a series of neural network modules, which are trained with many hours of recordings of Cantonese child stories. Users can use a mobile app (iOS or Android) to listen to pre-loaded stories, suggest modifications on the content of stories and listen to the modified stories instantly.

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Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

Neural text-to-speech (TTS) has been investigated extensively with good success. However, existing systems are not able to generate speech with desired expression style, e.g., storytelling, conversation. The main technological challenge of this project is the modeling of multi-facet style changes in child storytelling and an effective mechanism of controling speaking style.

  • A new text-to-speech system that can generate natural Cantonese speech with a wide range of expression styles.
  • Users can create new audio stories of their referred content in the absence of a human storyteller.
Key impact
  • Help to develop and enhance creativity of young children.
  • Promote and encourage parent-child interaction
  • A Mobile App for child storytelling
  • Voice cloning for people with speaking disability
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