Vitogram®: Digital health innovation for telemedicine


Vitogram® is a smartphone application that turns a smartphone into a stethoscope by using big data and AI technologies developed at D²4H. Vitogram®'s innovative AI algorithms enables real-time lung and heart sound analysis on smartphones to support telemedicine and long-term health monitoring.

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Research completion
Commercialisation opportunities
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Problem addressed

Listening to lung and heart sounds using a stethoscope (auscultation) is commonly required in a standard medical consutlation but cannot be achieved in the current telemedicine setting. Vitogram® bridges this gap by enabling doctors to perform remote auscultation on patient's smartphone.

  • D²4H's AI technology, namely ausculto®, enables real-time detection, denoising, and assessment of heart and lung sounds on standard smartphone devices.
  • The accurate real-time performance of this system enables widespread usage of this technology in telemedicine and long-term health monitoring.
  • The collected data are timestamped and can be stored on the smartphone or the cloud. Before or during a telehealth session with a doctor, the patient can share any range of data with the doctor through a secure web portal.
Key impact
  • Cost-effective and accessible technology that can be used in conjunction with existing telemedicine or health monitoring platforms
  • Allows doctors to access essential health data for clinical decision-making in a telemedicine setting
  • A highly secure personal health record management system
  • An-easy-to-use smart dashboard to support telehealth consultations

Project Members

  • Dr Joshua Ho, Lead Scientist

Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health (D²4H)

The Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health (D²4H) aims to gather and curate massive, unique data resources and develop deep, frontier analytics to protect global public health while improving individual healthcare through precision medicine. The D²4H brings together a multi-disciplinary team of the world’s leading scientists to apply Artificial Intelligence and big data in ways that will transform our approaches to understanding and treating disease.

Spearheaded by The University of Hong Kong with support from world-renowned academic institutions nationally and internationally, the D²4H is keen to work with health authorities such as the World Health Organization and China Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Through harnessing collaboration across multiple disciplines and sectors, the D²4H advances the frontiers of healthcare technology in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and beyond to produce ‘moonshots’ that will have tremendous healthcare benefits for global health.