Tuberculatin analogs as antiviral agents


The present invention discloses the mountain lotus apigenin (tuberosulatin) analogs useful as antiviral agents, such as anti-HIV agents, anti-coronavirus agents, anti-ebola virus agents, and anti-influenza virus agents, and methods of use thereof.

  • Tuberculatin analogs as antiviral agents
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Problem addressed

Viruses are important pathogens causing disease in humans and other mammals. However, the application of many antiviral agents is limited due to their toxic effects on the host. Drug resistance is also a common problem, and many viral diseases (such as HIV) currently have no available vaccines. The present invention provides an improved antiviral agent that meets at least some of the above needs.

  • The present invention discloses a new class of apigenin analogs from Nelumbo nucifera, the preparation of these compounds and new intermediates, and their use in the treatment of viral infections such as HIV, CoV, EBOV and AIV.
Key impact
  • Use of the compounds of the present invention for treating, preventing viral infection in a subject in need, or delaying the development of viral infection in a subject in need. The compound may exist in different forms, such as free acid, free base, Esters and other prodrugs, salts and tautomeric forms, and the disclosure includes all variant forms of these compounds.
  • Pharmaceutical composition
  • Use of a compound to treat, prevent, or delay the development of a viral infection in a subject


  • China Patent Publication No.: CN 116635037 A
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